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Kampot Pepper




Kampot Pepper



“ …ordinary pepper bears as much resemblance to Kampot Pepper as vin de table does to fine Bordeaux.”


A culinary sensation

The Kampot pepper - found only in the Kampot region of Cambodia - was once the world's most prestigious peppercorn, integral to classic French cuisine and celebrated in gourmet kitchens everywhere for its complex aroma and mild, flavorful range of tastes. However, during the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s, Kampot Pepper exports ceased. 

Over the last 10 years Cambodia has had the 10th fastest growing economy in the world. Kampot Pepper is the leading sector in the development of Cambodia's agricultural economy. Recently it was designated a Protected Geographical Indication (similar to Champagne) by European authorities.

We are -and you can be- part of this effort to return Kampot Pepper to tabletops worldwide. We'll grow it and import it; you buy it and sell it or serve it!  Diners will remark the quantum leap in flavor of dishes prepared with or seasoned with Auguste Escoffier's preferred pepper...  and come back for more. 

Our Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA) video.


MdK Brochure

MdK Brochure

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“During French colonial times, Kampot was a destination of choice for the French elite who came to play in the Bokor casino and enjoyed the peaceful beaches of Kep. Between mountain and sea Kampot is a perfect province for fruit and vegetable farming. Fish and seafood are specialties; its fish sauce (widely used in Asian cuisine) is particularly appreciated. Kampot is also renowned for the quality of its fruits (Durian, coconut, mango…) as well as for its sea salt. But what made Kampot internationally famous is without contest its pepper.”

Aromatic from a distance, these potent corns of full-bodied floral essence and ample peppery sensation are both justifiably famous and tragically forgotten.

Trapped until now by the Cambodian Killing Fields of the 1970's, Kampot Pepper’s powerful flavors and story are an authentic and compelling opportunity for the global farm-to-table culinary community.

40 years later - is Cambodia strong enough to repair the damage of the tragedy and welcome our response.  With an annual growth rate averaging 7.7% over the last ten years, Cambodia is coming back – not with a vengeance -- but with characteristic gentleness and warmth.

Our role?  To enjoy the world's best pepper and to become their best export market.

We invite you to join in the work of rebuilding the community that grows, process, exports, imports, distributes, and sells Cambodia’s robust Kampot Pepper.


It Takes a Village


It Takes a Village



Marquis de Kampot peppercorns,  the ultimate pepper for the connoisseur, are now available in the USA in a very limited amount.  They are organically grown on a family-owned farm according to the traditional Cambodian practices. Each peppercorn is hand-picked... twice... once for ripeness and again, after drying, for quality and color.

Our 37-acre plantation in Cambodia's Kampot Province is nestled against the hills of a beautiful valley, one of the last controlled by the Khmer Rouge. The farm owners, Thomas Pianka & Amy Pianka-Chen, are business professionals who have lived in Asia for 28 years and in Cambodia for 8.  We currently have roughly 9,000 vines producing on 2.5 acres. 

Our 5th-generation Cambodian Pepper Master leads a small team and seasonal workers from the villages near our farm in coordination with our Khmer-speaking French expatriate, Stephane.  All measures are taken to preserve freshness so you fully experience the flavors drawn from the tough and lush environment of our farm found at the end of the highway... down the paved road... over the dirt road... and then, by foot, at the end of a rough path...

We are a member of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA).  According to our Pepper-Master's heritage and in accordance with the KPPA we plant, grow, harvest, clean, solar dry, sort and pack black, white, and red peppercorns, meeting all GAP, GMP, HACCP, organic, and fair trade criteria.

Product is tested by Cambodian office of the internationally reputable TUV and, again, upon arrival in the USA.

A full HACCP Plan and Recall Plan has been implemented.  Production lots are coded and tracked through our channel from individual plant to end-users in the USA by way of harvest, in-country processing, shipping, U.S. processing,  and warehousing/delivery.


Marquis de Kampot's exports are distributed wholesale in the USA by the extended family living in farming-fantastic Lancaster PA.  Robert Pianka, M.B.A. (Thunderbird), applies his experience in business development, international business, and emergency-relief/international-development to global operations and U.S. marketing and sales.  Kathleen Pianka, an accomplished chef and Senior Brand Manager for an international food service giant, handles all matters involving taste.

In the USA, our Marquis de Kampot peppercorns are available to distributors in bulk, directly to chefs in restaurant-sized containers, to home-chefs in 2-oz bottles, in a gift package of all 3 colors.

The mineral-rich soil in Kampot produces sharp aromas and spicy tastes—when ground to a powder, it is used to add distinct flavor to meat and fish dishes.
— Luu Meng, an award-winning chef and president of the Cambodia Hotel Association.
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Centuries & Cuisines

Centuries & Cuisines

We invite Chefs & Home-Chefs to

 ✓ restore the authenticity of your classic French cuisine

  ✓ recreate the wonders of Nouvelle Cuisine

 ✓ be true to the flavor of Cambodian and other Asian cuisines

 ✓ sharpen the cutting-edge of fusion creations

 ✓ add a new dimension to American fare


 ✓ create your own signature dish with our various colors & flavor nuances.

(Start by emailing me for samples.)