During the 2 years we’ve spent selling wholesale in 1-lb & 55-lb bags -  "Helping a people recover from genocide one harvest at a time" as my daughter says - people have asked us to offer our peppercorn in home kitchen sizes.  Well, here’s your chance to pitch in!

We need 100 home chefs to start seasoning with Kampot Pepper and we are asking you to buy and use all 3 colors and then - once you've tasted them - to pass on the good news to the "foodies" you know.

Thank you so very much in advance! 

Here’s what happened after Certified Master Chef Alfonso Contrisciani tried them:

Kampot peppercorns are now a staple in my kitchens. I originally brought them in only for my prime Steak au Poivre. The light floral and slightly sweet flavor is the perfect combination to any dish. I especially like the prolonged finish now complimenting all my dishes.

PS The 3 colors in the Trifecta set are in peppermills.



1 can (13.5 oz) coconut milk

3 tablespoons palm sugar (shaved)

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon fish sauce*

1 teaspoon White Kampot Pepper (ground)

¼ cups green onion (julienned)

* For vegan dish substitute fish sauce with a dash of salt


Heat saucepan on medium heat.  Add all ingredients but the green onion.  Stir occasionally until sugar and salt dissolve and the sauce begins to bubble, lower the heat for reduction.  Turn off heat and stir in green onions. 

Corn Cropped.jpg