Marquis de Kampot peppercorns,  the ultimate pepper for the connoisseur, are now available in the USA in a very limited amount.  They are organically grown on a family-owned farm according to the traditional Cambodian practices. Each peppercorn is hand-picked... twice... once for ripeness and again, after drying, for quality and color.

Our 37-acre plantation in Cambodia's Kampot Province is nestled against the hills of a beautiful valley, one of the last controlled by the Khmer Rouge. We currently have roughly 9,000 vines producing on 2.5 acres.  Our 5th-generation Cambodian Pepper Master leads a small team and seasonal workers from the villages near our farm in coordination with our Khmer-speaking French expatriate, Stephane.  All measures are taken to preserve freshness so you fully experience the flavors drawn from the tough and lush environment of our farm found at the end of the highway... down the paved road... over the dirt road... and then, by foot, at the end of a rough path...

The agricultural sector in Cambodia is a traditional, small-holder one.  Our vines are planted, tended, harvested, and processed by local staff.  The farm is owned by Thomas Pianka & Amy Pianka-Chen, business professionals resident in Asia for 28 years and in Cambodia for 8.  They are investing to move  up the value-added chain so that Cambodia can capture additional earnings from this sector . 5% of our profits are reserved in a Social Fund for worker bonuses and for community development projects for women and children.

We are among a handful of farms reviving this world-famous crop and one of the first to target the US market.  We are a member of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA).  According to our Pepper-Master's heritage and in accordance with the KPPA we plant, grow, harvest, clean, solar dry, sort and pack black, white, and red peppercorns, meeting all GAP, GMP, HACCP, organic, and fair trade criteria.

Marquis de Kampot's exports are distributed wholesale in the USA by the extended family resident in farming fantastic Lancaster PA, career professionals in international business & emergency relief/international-development and in the food industry: Robert Pianka M.B.A. (Thunderbird) & Kathleen Argires Pianka.

Marquis de Kampot-USA is honored to be part of returning Kampot Pepper to tabletops worldwide and invites you to join in Kampot Pepper's second wave of fame.