You are positioned to once again impress the dining public.  People expect extraordinary things from you. Now, what can you do with our surprising Kampot Pepper?   What “lingering bursts of intensity” can you create on the palate and in the minds of the discerning diners you serve?

Will you restore the authenticity of your classic French cuisine

Or, will you sharpen the cutting-edge of fusion creations?

kampot pepper black peppercorn white red cambodia

Intrinsically luxurious, the nuance of Kampot’s several colors - a palette for the palate – explains the wide variety of traditional dishes featuring this pepper and opens the horizon wide for novel uses.  

All colors of Kampot pepper have the jasmine-like profile for which it is justifiably famous.

Black: A flavor in the more traditional peppercorn taste with none of the bitterness.  Aromatic at a distance.  It’s a well-rounded flavor with the expected heat but an unanticipated sweet finish.  //  Perfect for the tabletop but robust enough for steaks, stews, and braise cooking.

Red:  The sweetest.  An initial pepper flavor followed by a tangy floral aromatic finish with a punch of heat.  // Enjoy its complexity crushed and sprinkled on vanilla ice cream!

White: Hot and creamy. Subtle with a hint of floral. Mildly aromatic.  Invisible to the eye. // This ingredient is commonly used for sauces, soups, potatoes and beverages. 

Want a quantum leap in “palette to palate” complexity? Try Mixes.

Listen to Chef Pierre and diners at The Deli in Phnom Penh speak about Kampot Peppers

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Download a copy of our "Palette for the Palate" mini-chef's guide to the nuances of Kampot Pepper's three colors.