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“Kampot peppercorns are now a staple in my kitchens. I originally brought them in only for my prime steak au poivre. The light floral and slightly sweet flavor is the perfect combination to any dish. I especially like the prolonged finish now complimenting all my dishes.”

Alfonso Contrisciani, Certified Master Chef

To quote the East India Company:

Our spirit delivers no ordinary products – it means every one of them is imbued with a special quality. An element that makes it special, that makes it unique. An ingredient that adds a touch of luxury, a taste of the exotic, a sense of intrigue, or that simply adds richness to a world where it was previously lacking.

It could be a component in a recipe; it could be a material we’ve used. It could be the place where we sourced the material, or the skill of the craftsman who created it. Whatever it is, it’s something that’s special to us, a fusion of influences that’s unique.

We call this the Critical Ingredient.


Kampot Pepper is:

  • a "critical ingredient"an inexpensive way to leverage the performance of your higher-cost meat, fish, etc.

  • a high-impact ingredient with the flavor AND fascinating story to keep gourmands coming back for more

  • a differentiator that spans your entire menu from aperitif to dessert by way of steak, fish, and sauces

The dining public expects extraordinary things from you, so:

  • transform the vagrant pepper on your table with this import from exotic Cambodia

  • enlist your diners in a good cause, happy-ending story that spans foreign farm to local table

  • add depth and difference to each dish they experience

Kampot Pepper:

  • has a long history as the authentic, preferred peppercorn in a number of cuisines

  • has also been a critical ingredient for innovators

Use Kampot Pepper to:

  • restore the authenticity of your classic French cuisine

  • recreate the wonders of Nouvelle Cuisine

  • be true to the flavor of Cambodian and other Asian cuisines

  • sharpen the cutting-edge of fusion creations

  • add a new dimension to American fare

kampot pepper black peppercorn white red cambodia

Kampot Pepper is one product that comes in three colors.  All colors of Kampot pepper have the jasmine-like profile for which it is justifiably famous.

Black: A flavor in the more traditional peppercorn taste with none of the bitterness.  Aromatic at a distance.  It’s a well-rounded flavor with the expected heat but an unanticipated sweet finish.  Perfect for the tabletop but robust enough for steaks, stews, and braise cooking.

Red:  The sweetest.  An initial pepper flavor followed by a tangy floral aromatic finish with a punch of heat.  Allows for the wildest combinations, from wild meat seasoning to vanilla desserts.   

White: Hot and creamy. Subtle with a hint of floral. Mildly aromatic.  Invisible to the eye.  This ingredient is commonly used for sauces, soups, potatoes and beverages.