Kampot Pepper is:

  • an inexpensive way to leverage the performance of your higher-cost ingredients
  • a high-impact ingredient with the flavor AND fascinating story to keep gourmands coming back for more
  • a differentiator that spans your entire menu from aperitif to dessert by way of steak, fish, and sauces

The dining public expects extraordinary things from you, so:

  • transform the vagrant pepper on your table with this import from exotic Cambodia
  • enlist your diners in a good cause, happy-ending story that spans foreign farm to local table
  • add depth and difference to each dish they experience

Kampot Pepper:

  • has a long history as the authentic, preferred peppercorn in a number of cuisines
  • has also been a critical ingredient for innovators

Use Kampot Pepper to:

  • restore the authenticity of your classic French cuisine
  • recreate the wonders of Nouvelle Cuisine
  • be true to the flavor of Cambodian and other Asian cuisines
  • sharpen the cutting-edge of fusion creations
  • add a new dimension to American fare
 kampot pepper black peppercorn white red cambodia

All colors of Kampot pepper have the jasmine-like profile for which it is justifiably famous.

Black: A flavor in the more traditional peppercorn taste with none of the bitterness.  Aromatic at a distance.  It’s a well-rounded flavor with the expected heat but an unanticipated sweet finish.  //  Perfect for the tabletop but robust enough for steaks, stews, and braise cooking.

Red:  The sweetest.  An initial pepper flavor followed by a tangy floral aromatic finish with a punch of heat.  // Enjoy its complexity crushed and sprinkled on vanilla ice cream!

White: Hot and creamy. Subtle with a hint of floral. Mildly aromatic.  Invisible to the eye. // This ingredient is commonly used for sauces, soups, potatoes and beverages. 

Want a quantum leap in “palette to palate” complexity? Try Mixes.

Listen to Chef Pierre and diners at The Deli in Phnom Penh speak about Kampot Peppers

Call me for a sample at (717) 725-4305 and I'll tell you what other chefs have done.

Download a copy of our "Palette for the Palate", a mini chef's guide to the nuances of Kampot Pepper's three colors.