The supply of our hand-picked Kampot Peppercorns is very limited. Our goal is to be a dependable supplier to a few prestigious American chefs. If you add Kampot to your menu we will reserve supply for your future orders.

We understand the cost pressures you are under and we offer chefs our Distributor pricing. In exchange for these low prices, we ask you to join in the "buzz" being created by the return of this heirloom spice to world markets.

1 + 1 = 3!  Kampot Pepper's engaging Story and extraordinary flavors work together.  We will collaborate enthusiastically with your Marketing staff and share themes, text, links, posters, table tents, flyers, videos, and print-outs of our literature.

(For basic information, please read our B2B Proposal. For more specific information, please read our FAQs for Chefs.)

Peppercorn color buying guide

1+1+1=4!  In “A Palette for the Palate” we recommend using all 3 colors to span the menu from appetizer to dessert by way of entrees and vegetables.   All colors of Kampot pepper have the jasmine-like quality that makes them justifiably famous.   

Black:  Aromatic at a distance, this well-rounded flavor offers expected heat but surprises with a sweet finish.  It's perfect for the tabletop but robust enough for steaks, stews, and braise cooking.

Red:   The sweetest.  An initial pepper flavor followed by a tangy floral aromatic finish with a punch of heat. Enjoy its complexity crushed and sprinkled on vanilla ice cream!

White:   Hot and creamy. Subtle with floral hints. Mildly aromatic.  Invisible to the eye.  This ingredient is commonly used for sauces, soups, potatoes and beverages. 


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